Monday, June 20, 2011

Relay for Life of Whittier 2011

The Relay for Life of Whittier was held this past weekend and our team's theme was "Fishing for a Cure". I had this great idea that we could make a dock and have kids walk down and fish off of it to win a prize. For about a month or more, I've been thinking "fish". Every where I go, I would look for fish type toys, decor, candy, etc.

One of our fundraisers was going to be candy sales. Kids love sour candy so I bought several boxes. Then in a fishy craze, I thought it would be great to put our team name and theme on each candy package. Not so hard...I printed that on labels. But how can you JUST have a boring label? We need fish on these candy packages too. I looked up fish printables and found several cute but uncolored fish. Oh well, I love to color so I printed out a couple pages of each fish. Then I went for my colored pencils and had myself a little coloring party. Such fun. Now came the time to cut them out...ugh! There's where the hard part came in. Also, I ran out of fish. A little smarter this time, I looked up images of fish and found some pre-colored ones so it made it a little less work. :) I spent many evenings cutting out little fish. Some friends came over to help stick labels and fish on the candy. They said it felt like kindergarten. LOL
I think they came out really cute!

Here's a little project that had to get from my brain to my husbands brawn. Let me tell you, it wasn't without it's ups and downs. We don't always work well together. I'm a "Let's get it done NOW" type and he's a "Eh, I'll get to it in a minute" type. And his minutes are LOOOONG! BUT...the end result was GREAT!!!!!

Our team won for best campsite decor. Yay!
I am so thankful for my husband and friends who helped me and made my ideas become a reality.

The Relay for Life is a wonderful event that raises money for cancer research. Here's a link to my personal page that tells why I relay.

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  1. Your project came out great and for a great cause no doubt!! I love the candy packaging :)

    Oh and I found your lovely blog thanks to Homemaker On A Dime...