Monday, June 6, 2011

Hair Product Follow Up

After my "Sucker for Hair Products" post, it was brought to my attention that I didn't really talk about the products that I DO use. Oopsies! :)

Well, here it is...When I get the notion, I use these products. When my hair is wet, I'll put in the Frizz Ease Wonder Works then use the Matrix Sleek Look (just a dollop of both). After those two are worked in through my hair, I'll use the Timothy Martin Ka Poof! volume mousse. I use this only on the crown of my head. Next, it's time to blow dry and flat iron. The Timothy Martin Shine Me On! weightless shine, anti-frizz, straightening mist (boy, it sounds like a miracle in a can) is something I rarely use, but it does give a nice sheen to my hair. It's used as you flat get the section of hair, comb it, spray it then flat iron. Results=shiny, smooth hair. :)

The pink bottle holds my summer miracle. We have a swimming pool and everybody knows what chlorine does to color treated hair! Before I swim, I wet my hair completely and then spray on Schwarzkopf BC hairtherapy Color Save conditioner. I can then swim the day away and not worry about the chlorine stripping away my hair color. Of course, if I get out for awhile and my hair dries, I re-wet and apply the conditioner before getting in the pool again. It really works!! I buy mine from Helen's Beauty Supply for $17.95. It's expensive but well worth it and it lasts at least two summers...depending on how often you swim. I also use it before I go to the beach. It's a leave in conditioner that you can use everyday but I just use it in the summer.

The Frizz Ease Secret Weapon is for use after the hair is dry. You don't need much.
Here is the one thing that I can't live beloved blow dryer! It's nothing special except that it holds the key to me having straight hair as opposed to funky disorganized curls. I usually have two dryers on hand in case one konks out! This Revlon brand is Ionic and has 1875 watts. I liked the price and that it was pink...not the typical black or grey. It would have been even better in purple but by purchasing this one, some amount of money went to breast cancer research.
The next best thing after my blow dryer is my flat iron. I wish I could afford a professional one but this one does a pretty good job. It's a Conair. One thing I hate about hair often gets caught in the plates. Ugh!
Last and least, is my curling iron. Also Conair brand. I use this maybe twice a month.
Ok, so there is my ritual and review of my favorite products.

Happy Stylin'! :)

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