Monday, June 27, 2011

Crafty Monday

Today was a day for crafts. Here are some thank you cards I'm making for people that helped me out with Relay for Life. Of course, I had to continue our theme of "Fishing for a Cure".I made these patriotic blocks for a friend of mine. I promised them to her last year when we saw them in a store for $18.95! I said, "I can make those." Well, it only took me a year to get to them. :)
This is my first attempt at painting. I used little tube watercolors without much water for more vibrant colors. A painter I am NOT! hahaI had a friends daughter over to make cake pops. It was my first attempt ever. These are carrot cake pops that look like meatballs. lol
Here is the finished product...
We also made peanut butter brownie pops. MMM!

They weren't perfect but they sure did taste good!

I had a good time today...sharing my love of crafts with a 9 year old who also is a craftaholic. :)

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