Sunday, June 26, 2011

Link Partay

Boy, these weeks are flying feels like I just did a highs and lows post I go again. :) Love looking back over my week so that they don't all justl seem like a blur. Thanks Jen!


1. I'm branching out and starting a new Relay for Life team. A friend just gave me $100.00 for next year's registration fee!!

2. I found a great little desk at a friends yard sale for 20 bucks!

3. My Kitty Litter cake (that I copied from you, Jen) was a huge hit at church today.

4. I'm making cake pops and brownie pops with a friends daughter tomorrow. Yay for having someone to share crafting with when I don't have little ones anymore.


1. My diabetes is getting out of control and if I don't shape up by August, I'll have to go on Insulin. :o

2. I'm tired and I have a packed week coming up.

3. I can't find just the right skinny table for my hallway. :/

4. The weekend is over.

All in all...not terrible lows.


  1. Yay for another not terrible week :) That's so exciting that your Relay for Life team is already off to a great start! Did you get the same "Ummm, what the hell?" looks/comments on your cake that I did? Always makes me laugh. Hubby asked me to make a fun cake for his dad, I just need to figure out exactly what kind of cake I want to do. I've been wanting to try cake pops, found a pretty easy recipe, but haven't tackled that one yet.

    I'm not familiar with diabetes and how if getting in shape you won't have to take insulin, but I'll be praying for you. Is a month long enough to make a difference?

    A skinny table will come to ya when you're not looking for it. Frustrating, right? :P

    Thanks for linking up again, dear Lidy!

  2. Cake pops are so much fun! Glad the week overall was good and good luck with the diabetes! I know it can be rough.