Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

A friend of mine has a wonderful ministry of Families Helping Families. As a small branch of this, her grandson is raising money to buy mosquito nets for Malawi, Africa. He is doing this by having a "store" in his classroom where kids can buy gifts for Mother's Day.

As my contribution, I went to the Dollar Tree and bought 10 frames of various sizes. Here are three of them...

You can't tell from the lighting but this is a nice aubergine color. I used scrapbook paper and stickers for the inside design and used acrylic paint markers for the writing on the frame.
Can I just say that I LOVE the color of this frame? It's Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Lagoon. In taking the photo, I got a weird glare that makes it look like the paper is worn out in some areas.
This frame is painted in Apple Green. I used a sticker on scrapbook paper and then hot glued these little buttons on the corners for added punch.

What fun I'm having coming up with ideas for these frames. Can't wait to show you more. :)


  1. I can just see the joy on your face as you were explaining your projects! They are beautiful. Thanks for telling about Grant's classroom store - ideas for other to think about.

  2. Fantastic ideas! I always breeze right by the frames in the Dollar Tree.... just had a duh moment when you showed yours spray painted. Why didn't I ever think of that. Also fantastic idea on Grant's part. Hope it works well.

  3. Love this. Found you on the blog hop. Have a great day.

  4. These frames turned out so well. What a wonderful project idea and thank you for using Rust-Oleum!

    - Rust-Oleum Scott

  5. The frame's AFTER is awesome :) Really appreciate you sharing this great post with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop.