Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ham n Eggs

As you can see, I am a fan of scrambled egg dishes. They are easy, satisfying and they only dirty one skillet. :)

For this ham and egg dish, you start with shredded potatoes in a little oil. Cook until they are slightly brown.
While potatoes are browning, dice up your ham. I used ham steaks, which yield thicker pieces, but you can also use sandwich ham. Toss the ham in with the potatoes and stir.
Next, head to your freezer for this easy, peasy step. What's better than having your peppers all diced up for you? Add a cup full of peppers (or more if you want). Stir together and let cook through.
While that mix is cooking, crack your eggs and scramble them. Add salt. I used six eggs. When you feel that the potatoes, peppers and ham are cooked enough, add the eggs and stir it all up.
When that's done, it should look like this. Yum!
This is what I served my son. For myself, I added a little cheddar cheese. You can serve this wrapped in a flour tortilla or with corn tortillas on the side. However you serve it, it's tasty and filling. Eat up!

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