Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highs and Lows 7/17

It's that time again..


1. Ended up NOT having to pick up my brother and nephew from the airport. No driving to LAX...yay!

2. Went to a seminar on the gastric bypass...excited about getting info.

3. Wrote an essay for a contest that I've been putting off.

4. Organized some crafting space in my late son's room.


1. Medical professionals increased my diabetes medicine...again! Arg!

2. Seminar on gastric bypass left me confused. I was gung ho going in and now...I'm doubting it.

3. Essay made me cry because it's about my son dying and recognizing the true meaning of love.

4. Changing Andrew's room was hard. Feels like I'm wiping some of the memories away. :'(

Even with the sadness, it was a good week. I felt like I accomplished a lot.

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