Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft Shelf personality

Hi All,

I bought this little bookshelf from Target about a month ago. My son was putting it together for me the other day and before he put the backing on, I decided to try something new (new for me anyway).

I had this wrapping paper that I got in the dollar bin at Target and I quickly brushed some Modge Podge on the shelf backing and stuck the paper on. It didn't quite cover the entire thing so I needed to add another piece of paper. I tried matching up the pattern before the paper started sticking. I was somewhat successful. ;) It's probably not the best idea to use cheap paper. I got most of the bubbles out with a few wrinkles but when I came back to check on it, it had a lot of bubbles. I blame it on the paper but, I guess, it could be user error. lol

I thought it looked pretty cool when it was all put together and I figured the bubbles wouldn't matter once I put stuff on the shelves.
Here it is with "stuff". The bins with circle cut outs are from the Dollar Tree. The pink bucket type bins were half price from the Target dollar bins...score!I've since moved things around but that's for another post. I'll show you later. :)

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  1. How cute and what a great idea to apply it before it was all together!! Thank you so much for linking up!