Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafting and Sewing go Hand in Hand

I should be taking a daily walk to get some exercise. I should be cleaning and/or organizing my house. But instead, I am making almost daily trips to Michael's, Jo-Ann's, Target and the Dollar Tree. I don't even have a lot of extra money but Oh! The possibilities!!! :)

I made my fall wreath today. The wreath form, ribbon and goldish leafy thing, I got from the Dollar Tree. The little berries and apple sticks, I got from another little dollar store in Brea, the wooden leaves and "give thanks" pumpkin I got from Jo-Ann's. Funny story about the yarn...I bought an autumn looking one at Jo-Ann's and when I showed it to my son, Matt, he went to his room and brought out all his yarn...he had the exact same one! Saved me a few bucks. :)
My sister and I are still on our fabric buying extravaganza! We've been to different Jo-Ann's and Wal-Marts and just keep finding stuff we HAVE to have. :D

My sister bought this fabric with the intention of making me a purse. I went
to her house for our monthly craft day to make fabric bracelets and she decided she would show me how to make the bag for myself. Here it is...all nice and finished. You can't see the strap but it's a black strap like the kind on backpacks. I forget what it's called.

Here is the (cool) inside. Love the contrast of the zebra (outside) and leopard print (inside). :) It has a simple velcro closure.
So, our monthly craft day turned into two craft days and here's another bag I made. We found some beautiful fabric at Wal-Mart with these flowers and leaves. I cut around one flower and it's leaves and sewed it onto the bag. I love color, so I added the fuschia button and made a fuschia strap.
So, that's what I've been up to and now, I need to go get ready to meet my sis at Jo-Ann's. The fleece is half off!!!

Happy crafting!!!!! :)


  1. So cute! I'm a newbie at sewing and a little scared to try sewing a purse. But those are so cute I might have to just do it! lol The wreath came out great too :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. New in bag sewing work. Those little black bag will be best to sew self, and best gift to give any woman. Your post help me lot to give a gift to my sister, It is on 29 September.
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  3. Love the Zebra print! :) Good on you making some new funky bags! :) Just wondering if you took a pic of the sunshine in the mail stuff that you sent to Sabrina? I will add it to my post that I have put up if you did. :)
    S xo