Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weight Watching

My second weigh in was quite successful...I lost 4.8 pounds for a total of 10.2!! Yay!! I was even able to wear a pair of capri's today that didn't fit me at the beginning of summer. :)

For some reason, I felt like I didn't do as well as the first week...I felt I was eating too much of the wrong things. I was still within my points but maybe not making the best choices. That's the thing I'm loving about Weight Watchers... I can still eat and not feel deprived. I just have to choose...choose to eat less, choose brown rice instead of white, choose fruit instead of candy. And you know what?? I'm already cutting down on my diabetes medicine. That's one of the biggest pay offs for me. To take control of my health instead of letting bad decisions control me. :)


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