Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Weight Game and Garage/Yard Cleaning Time

The Weight Game:

The week after I gained 2 ounces, I lost 4 ounces. This past week, I lost a whopping 8 ounces. This all leads up to a grand total of 11.2 pounds. I'm happy I'm losing but it's driving me crazy that it's going so slow. I thought losing a pound a week would be slow but ounces???? UGH!

I know that I'm eating less and that's a definite plus. I'm eating mostly the right things. I guess it's those little treats that are doing me in. That, and the fact that I'm not exercising. I walked for about 10 minutes on Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday. I thought that would lead to a better weigh in on Monday...NOT!

Oh well, I'm proud of my 11.2 pound loss. I need to focus on the positive. :)

Garage/Yard Cleaning Time:

I was given these two great metal shelves. I have a small patio so there isn't room for them to be side by side but I have one butted up against the other.

Here's the treasure inside the big one. All of our spray paint! LOVE this. I guess you can tell we're loyal to Rustoleum brand. :) Looking at this picture and seeing two little nozzle things sitting there, I realize that I need to contact Rustoleum to see if they sell replacements. Sometimes they just get clogged and there's almost a whole can of paint left. I then play the switching game...taking off a good nozzle from one color to put it on the one I'm using. The only problem with this game, is opening a can and there's no nozzle. Not a big problem but a little irritating when you've taken the can to your spray area and then have to walk back to get a nozzle...(like 10 steps but STILL). lol Matt gave me the great idea to save nozzles when the can is empty so we have a reserve.

Ignore the wax paper on the top shelf. These used to be my storage shelves at church and I guess I forgot to take this out. :)

Side view. They are lined up by finish...gloss and satin. There is one lonely semi-gloss off to the left side. The next shelf down is all the oddballs...plastic paint, clear coat, primer, etc.

And now to the bane of my existence...garage bins. My husband and I have a system in the garage...we each get half. Somehow, he manages to ooze over past his half. I have most everything in bins. At one time, I took stock of everything in the bins, wrote it down and numbered the bins. I had a little notebook with the bin numbers and list of items. I intended to put this all on my computer since I knew I would inevitably misplace the notebook. I got about half way into logging this info on my computer and got bored. Oh well, I still had the notebook. Over time, I shifted things, got rid of some stuff and that whole number business went out the window. I finally just got a sharpie and wrote (on the bin) what was in there. If I change it, I just cross it out and start again. I can always wipe it off with bleach if I run out of space. :)

Every year, I remove all the bins from my side and go through them. I toss out stuff that I realized I don't need or want. I sweep out the garage and put everything back in. Ah, I love it when it's all neat. Little by little, things get shifted or added. I get tired of undoing the stacks to get to the bin I need that may be at the bottom of the heap and I'll just leave it on the side. Matt might buy a couple of bags of potting soil and place them in the garage. Hubbys stuff oozes over more and before you know it, there's not much of a walk space to get to the back shelf. Then things just get put anywhere. So, the next year comes and I start all over again.

That time is now. Here are just some of the bins. See that clear one right behind the bright blue one? I was excited to see this one. It has enough new containers in there for my Christmas baking that I give as gifts!! Woo Hoo! I don't have to buy any this year. Well...until they go on clearance and I buy them for next year.

This is the inside look at the madness. The empty space is where all the bins in the previous pic sat. As you can see, I still have more to take out before I can even get to my shelf. This picture is also proof of the ooze from hubby's side. See that orange nosed rocket hanging from the top? That's the middle of the garage. As you can clearly see, the homemade (awesome) telescope, the towel covered welding thing a majiger is past the middle and on MY side. What you can't see is a pile of boxes and packing peanuts that sit behind the telescope. I'm telling you, one of my home improvement dreams is to gut this garage and have people come in and put drywall and peg board to make it all nice and bright looking. :)
This picture shows the overflow. I have about 3 different sets of craft drawers blocked by this IKEA bead frame that my son is supposed to put on Craigslist. The red Christmas looking bins hold my Goodwill treasures that are waiting for their transformations. I've forgotten most of what's in there. :/

Needless to say, I have A LOT of work ahead of me and here I am blogging about it instead of doing it! Ah well, that's life. Please God, no rain. :)

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  1. good luck with the organizing! :) its important to blog about it so you can compare and before and after!