Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Painting Fun

My sister and I decided to do a craft day each month. For our first session, we decided to paint. I should say-SHE decided we were painting. She bought all the supplies so who am I to complain? :)

She saw this idea on a Candace Olson show. We couldn't find it on youtube so we just went with what she remembered. This is her masterpiece.And here is mine. After we are done, my sister tells me where I can hang them in MY house. LOL!! I like hers but it doesn't quite go with my Americana theme in the kitchen. I don't really like mine so it's not going to be on any of my walls. haha

For some reason, I'm in love with owls right now. The cutesy, cartoony looking owls. I found a cute little pencil bag at Target and fell in love. I bought it even though I had no use for it. I took a picture of it and sent it to my son. I asked him if he would make some wooden cut outs for me to paint and here they are...Don't you just LOVE them? I think they are so cute. Um...Matt? Get ready to be cutting out more owls...in various sizes. :)
On to another painting project. I tried to paint a rooster for my kitchen. An artist I am not! He looks funky...
I thought maybe an ocean scene would be easier. It was. BUT, I think this picture lacks depth. I also need to paint a few clouds.

Happy Crafting!! :)


  1. Well done you, you clever thing! I love your flowers and the rooster.

  2. Hey Lady! I couldn't find your email to respond to your comment! I'll count it as an entry!!
    Even if you don't win, the mascara is worth the $6!! ☺
    By the way...I love your painted rooster! I don't think it's funky at all!

    Have a great weekend!