Thursday, March 10, 2011

Menu Planning Experiment

It seems like forever since I've written a post. I almost forgot I had this account!

Today I'm going to write about an experiment I want to try...Menu Planning. What a concept. I usually don't plan much in the way of cooking. It's just something I do and I'm told I do it well. Let me clarify...I'm told by those outside my household. Here in my house, I think I'm taken for granted. Even last week while I was sick with the stomach flu, I still made breakfast and dinner every day.

We're not exactly rolling in dough so I only get $150.00 every two weeks for groceries and toiletries. I realize this is more than some people have so I am appreciative for whatever Rene is able to give me. For awhile now, I've felt that I go to the market and come away with little food for the price I pay. We also seem to eat too much fast food. I calculated how much we spend in eating out in a two week period and it almost equaled my grocery money allotment!! I will often run through the drive thru just because I'm so bored with cooking.

On to my experiment...

I came up with a menu plan for Feb. 15th through Feb. 28...from one payday to the other. I asked Matt for input and was able to fit in a different dinner for each of those 14 days. I then made a master grocery list so that everything I need will be on hand and I don't have to make any last minute dashes to the know the one where you go in for one thing and come out with bags of stuff you really didn't need? The menu plan also has some things on there that I haven't made- thus, a cure for the boredom of the same old meals.

Today is the day I shop and cook the first of my new dinners.

Since I have a dinner planned for each day of the next two weeks, that means I have no excuse for running to a drive thru...
Maybe for lunch??

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