Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast Food

Here is one of my "famous" breakfasts. I say famous, because some people at church go crazy for them. This one is Spam n Eggs. You'll find that I always add shredded potatoes to my scrambled eggs dishes for extra bulk. Plus...I love potatoes.
Here is a variation in how to serve Spam n Eggs. Take one Pita pocket and a slice of American cheese. Cut off a small piece at the top of the pita, insert slice of cheese and add Spam n Eggs.
You will end up with this delight...a handheld breakfast sandwich. Works better if the side doesn't tear. haha
You can also wrap it up in a flour or wheat flour tortilla for a meal on the go.


  1. Yummy...I am really hungry now. Thankd for joining my newbie party.

  2. hiya , well that looks like it would just hit the spot xfollowing you from debbies newbie party ,hope you drop by mine soon , tfs

  3. I love Spam for breakfast! Stopping by from Debbie's party.