Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sucker for Hair Products

In the following set of pictures you will see what a sucker I am for hair products. Most of them, I don't even use. I don't like the feel of gunk in my hair. Why do I buy them? Like I said...sucker. :)

In this picture you see some gel and mousse. I only use the Fructis mousse when I leave my hair curly and then, of course, I need the Aussie spray gel so that I don't have the frizzies. The basket holds some miscellaneous stuff...a teasing comb, an old pick (from the 80's perm days) that I keep for nostalgia's sake, the every day eyeliner, mascara and tweezers.

The cabinet holds my" beauty salon" supplies. Yes, I dye my own hair so I must have a bajillion things at hand. I've had a lot of purple (and other colors) in my hair which requires me to bleach out my hair with Quick Blue before I add in the purple.

I love the Satin brand for my regular hair dye(I use blue black). It smells really good. I also have two mixing bowls and several brushes.This side of the cabinet is host to all my punky colors by Jerome Russell. Let's see...there's green (that I wore in honor of my late son), and hot pink (I wore that for a little while in honor of my mom when she died), there's a different green because I couldn't remember which one I liked when I went to replace it, there's two blue ones that I bought for my son and last, but not least...PURPLE!

Yeah, I know...I'm 41. I've taken a lot of the punky colors out of my hair. I just have a little purple left. :(

Amongst all the hair dye, there's anti-frizz stuff, mousse, shine spray, leave in conditioner, and root booster.

Here are some more tricks of the trade...gloves and foil. These are must haves for hair dying sessions.
Just when I thought I was done...I looked up...MORE stuff!! Hair spray, texture mousse, shampoo, and heat spray.
Out of all this junk, what do I actually use? Hmmm...on the average day...nothing! I just wash, condition, blow dry and flat iron. When I feel like going all out, I'll use my Timothy Martin mousse and the root booster. Rarely, I'll use my shine spray when I flat iron. I only use hair spray when I curl my hair and I can't wait til the end of the day so I can take a shower and wash my hair!

So why do I keep all this stuff and hardly ever use it? The typical hoarder mentality...Maybe someday...hahaha

P.S. Now that it's here for all the world to see...I think I'll start tossing the rarely used stuff in the trash and clear up some space. I just read about some great new hair products in a magazine...

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  1. You crack me up! Out of this whole post the thing that strikes me the most is that you seem to be stopping your fun hair dying because of your age. WTH? So what if you're 41. It's a fun thing, messing with your own hair. If you ever lost all the punky colors I don't think I'd recognize you. :-)
    <3 u!!!