Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My love (obsession) of Spray Paint

I thought I'd show you just how crazy I am for spray paint. Namely...Rustoleum.

A little background...my son makes these really cool puzzles so he started buying spray paint. He brought home the Rustoleum brochure and we x'd out the colors he had and circled the colors he (and I) wanted. I carried that in my purse so that whenever I happened upon a Home Depot, I would head over to the paint department.

This little beauty is all MINE! I love Orca's so my son made me a (hard) Orca puzzle.
Here are a few more samples of Matt's puzzles. The lighting is terrible because I took the pictures. haha
Besides my Orca puzzle, this skull is one of my favorites. :)

On to the spray paint...
These are all Rustoleum's Painter's Touch. Most are the gloss finish but there are some Satin.

And there you have it...proof of my obsession.

P.S. I just bought another 5 cans...


  1. I, too, dig the spray paint though I'm still learning how to best use it.

    Visiting from the linky at Homemaker on a Dime!



  2. Ooohh pretty! The puzzles are cool too.

  3. I love the spray paint! I buy a lot of it too but I always run out pretty quickly. I only like rustoleum because its just better :)

  4. The puzzles are terrific! I also have many cans of spray paint.

    Dee your new follower

  5. Your post has just reminded me that I need to do some spray painting (some picture frames that I rescued from a skip - I think you call them dumpsters [?]), so thank you for that!

    Love those puzzles and your finds from your previous posts.